Community Hubs

For rural communities

Building schools, clinics, Masjids , Cafe’s, Shops and other facilities for refugees and vulnerable communities…

Building Community Hubs

HOAF has initiated to implement a pilot projects to build schools (Madrasa), Mosques, clinics and shops for refugees and vulnerable rural communities in the following regions:

Caado town, Werder Zone, Ogaden region, in Ethiopia.

Qoriile Town, Werder Zone, Ogaden region in Ethiopia.

Gode City, Shebelle Zone, Ogaden region in Ethiopia.

Iimay City, Shebelle Zone, Ogaden region in Ethiopia.

Kismayo City, Lower-Jubba region, Somalia.

We need your support

HOAF implemented successfully its first pilot project to build a school (Madrasa) and Mosque, in Caado town, Warder Zone, Ogaden region, in Ethiopia.
The project composed of 6 classes, two toilets and a Mosque, which started in January 2019 and funded by Dr Najlaa, a charitable person from London, UK.
A total of 450 students, mostly orphans and vulnerable children, will benefit from the Madrasa and another 600 members of the community are now able to attend the centre to perform salah during Friday prayers.
Future Plans
HOAF is planning to convert the Madrasa into an Integrated Primary school. To meet the Somali Regional State Education Bureau requirements, we will need to build extra three classes and an office….

The project Impacts

Ogaden region also known as Somali region in Ethiopia is the second largest of the 9 ethnically defined states – Ethiopia. The region is divided in to 11 Zones (regions) with more than 104 woradas (Counties) and its mainly inhabited by Somali ethnic.

Our charity has been researching the day to day problems caused by conflicts in Somali regional state especially Doolo Zone where Caado town and Qoriile are located. Also Shabeele Zone where Gode City and Iimey City are located. Caado town and Qoriile were among the most affected areas in the region. Most of residents in these area and surrounding area were forced to flee from their localities during violence between government forces and liberation movement groups.

A traditional Quranic Madarasa is the only option available for many rural communities and mostly have no building. Children learn Quran in open space under the trees. The other problem is that they have no toilets, clean water for drinking or proper safeguarding, they have no health centre and no Jamia Masjid for prayers.

Since 2019 HOAF has worked tirelessly to addressed this problems through the construction of our first community hub in Caado town composed of large Mosque and 6 classes and other relief assistance for the destitute families and their children in the area. A total of 450 children mostly orphans and vulnerable children will benefit from the Madrasa. Another 600 members of the community are now able to come to the centre for Friday prayers and other services. A similar project is under-construction in Gode, Iimay and Qoriile town.


80% of Gode Masjid and Madrasa building is now completed.