Coronavirus: What you need to know

Monday 29 March

Read more about what the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown means for you.

Londoners have made huge sacrifices to reduce the number of people getting sick in our city, however, there is still more to do, and we cannot risk another spike in cases. It is important that everyone continues to follow the rules to help keep us all safe and give us the best chance of restrictions easing further.

The current rules – from 29 March

Some things have changed:

  • You can now meet up with others outdoors in groups of six (rule of six) or as two whole households:
    • These two households can be any size and a household can include an eligible support bubble.  For example, two families of four can meet, if each family live in the same household or form part of one support bubble.
    • If you are meeting with more than one other household there is a limit of six people.  For example, if you want to meet with friends who don’t live together or as a group of three families, the maximum number of people who can meet in a group is six.
    • You can meet up in public outdoor places like parks and in private gardens.
    • You should continue to keep a safe distance of 2 metres from others you do not live with and carry hand sanitiser when you are out.
  • You can take part in outdoor sports or use outdoor leisure facilities.  For example, this means you can play tennis, basketball and use outdoor swimming pools.
  • You can attend a wedding, but there is a limit of six people.
  • You can attend a formally organised, outdoor parent and child group for up to 15 attendees (not including children under 5). 


Some things remain the same: 

  • You cannot mix indoors with people you do not live with or who are not in your support bubble.

  • You cannot go on holiday. You cannot travel abroad except for a small number of permitted reasons.

  • You should continue to work from home if you can. You should also continue to minimise the number of journeys you make where possible, avoiding travel at the busiest times and routes. If it is essential for you to go into your workplace you may be able to access asymptomatic testing from your employer or your local council.

  • Schools and wraparound childcare remain open. This will continue to be supported by regular testing for staff and some students. More information about testing for staff and students.

Step 2: 12 April

You can 

  • Go to the shops.  Non-essential retail will open again.  

  • Have a meal or drink outdoors.  Outdoor hospitality will open and there will be no curfew or requirement for a substantial meal, but it will still be table service.   

  • Visit the gym or other indoor leisure facilities.  You can use them individually or with your household. 

  • Visit outdoor attractions such as zoos and theme parks. 

  • Go to the library. 

  • Have your haircut or have your nails done. 

  • Stay away from your home in self contained accommodation, but only with your household. 

  • Attend a wedding with a larger number of guests with a limit of 15 people. 

You still can’t 

  • Mix with others indoors that you don’t live with, either in your home or a public indoor place. 

  • Meet up as more than a group of six, or two households.   

  • Go on an international holiday. You should continue to try and reduce the number of journeys you make. 


Step 3: 17 May

You can 

  • Meet up in groups bigger than six outdoors, up to a limit of 30 people.

  • Have a meal or drink indoors in a pub, bar or restaurant.  There will be no curfew or requirement for a substantial meal, but it will still be table service.

  • Meet others indoors, up to six people or two households. 

  • Stay overnight somewhere in the UK, including in a hotel.  International travel may also be allowed. 

  • Go to the cinema and visit other indoor entertainment venues.

  • Go to an outdoor performance.

  • Take part in organised indoor sport.

  • Attend a wedding with up to 30 people.

  • Potentially attend a larger event (pilots permitting).

  • Meet up as a group of six or two households indoors (review permitting).

You still can’t 

  • Meet up with others in groups larger than 30 outdoor.

  • Meet more than six people or two householders indoors.

  •  Go to a nightclub.


Step 4: 21 June

The Government will be reviewing measures such as social distancing and, depending on the results, hope that by 21 June the following will be allowed. 

You can 

  • Meet up with anyone you want, with no limits on numbers. 

  • Go to a nightclub. 

  • Attend large events. 

  • Hold weddings and other life events with no limit on attendees. 

  • Go back to the office.  You will no longer be advised to work from home. 

Source: Mayor of London