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The Horn of Africa Foundation was founded in the United Kingdom with the ambitious objective of facilitating health care and education for thousands of refugees scattered across the horn of Africa. These refugees have primarily fled their native homeland in pursuit of peace and safety for their children, spouse and family members.

While many aid agencies exist that provide health care and education in refugee camps such as Dadaab, there is limited support for refugees arriving from countries where conflict and strife is hidden from media and the world in general. These refugees often receive very little help. Further, the issue of security makes it extremely difficult to directly help refugees in relation to health and education.

The Horn of Africa foundation has affiliated organisations in refugees camps such as Dadaab, Kenya, which provide very limited health care and education to a limited number of refugees based on a criteria that considers the situation of each refugee.

The Horn of Africa Foundation wants to assist these grass root organisations to expand their capability and ability to help more refugees focusing on health care and education. These affiliated organisations have been working with the refugees for many years and understand their needs and situations; therefore, the Horn of Africa Foundation endeavours to provide training and funding to these affiliated organisations to transform the lives of the most improvised people in Africa.

The Horn of Africa Foundation relies on the generous donations from members of the public, fundraising and donations awarded by established organisations. Furthermore, students and professionals plays an important role in providing training to health care providers and teachers at the refugee camps.

Mission Statement

Our organisation has been set up with the sole purpose of proving welfare focusing on two areas: delivery of health services and educations to the poorest areas of African, in particular, the horn of Africa.

The horn of Africa has seen the greatest warfare in last quarter of a century and many of the victims are in dire need of aid in all its forms. The victims affected the most are children, women and the elderly. Furthermore, the disabled within these groups are generally ignored and receive no or minimal assistance. Our organisation aims to deliver health services and education to these groups through affiliated organisations on the ground.

Horn Of Africa Foundation (HOAF) is a registered Charity England and Wales (1161800)

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