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The horn of Africa foundation has an ambitious plan to conduct key programmes focusing initially on education and in the near future on health care. The foundation has conducted extensive research to acquire up to date information on the needs of the refugees in the horn of Africa. The programmes listed below will focus on the biggest refugee camp in the horn of Africa, namely, Dadaab, Kenya.
The horn of Africa foundation is working in collaborating with the horn of Africa Orphan and relief organisation (HAORO). HAORO runs three schools in Dadaab refugee camp with 550 students. 60% of the students are orphans and the remainder are destitute children. HAORO is actively working to educate the neediest children with minimum resource. The foundation has designed the following programmes to support HAORO in its education activities in Dadaab, Kenya.

(Please see HAORO’s website for more information)

[box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]1. Education Material and Equipment:

i. Brief Summary: The schools run by HAORO are in desperate need of teaching materials such as textbooks and other learning accessories. Further, the schools lacks necessities such teaching rooms, seats, tables and general maintenance of the class rooms. The foundation aims to provide the above mentioned materials and equipment to HAORA.

ii. Project Start Time: 1st April 2015

iii. Project Time frame: Continuous[/box]



[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]2. School Transport:

i. Brief Summary: Dadaab is one of the hottest regions of the world with temperatures reaching 45 degrees centigrade. Children attending HAORA run schools walk on average 1 hour to school in searing heat! For this reason, the horn of Africa foundation aims to provide school buses and their maintenance.

ii. Project Start Time: 1st April 2015

iii. Project Timeframe: Continuous[/box]



[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]3. School Meals:

i. Brief Summary: School meals are linked to transportation. The children come from very poor families (most are orphans) and usually receive one meal a day. The children walk to school in the morning on an empty stomach and return home at lunch (the hottest time of the day) to receive their only meal and then walk back to school. Long exposure to these hard conditions will lead to poor school performance and ultimately, cause them to stop attending school all together. This determination by these very poor children is very inspirational and has moved the trustees to take action. The foundation aims to provide school meals to allow these children to focus on their education and remove some of the burden on the families.

ii. Projected start Time: 1st April 2015

iii. Project Time frame: Continuous[/box]


[box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]4. Teacher Support:

i. Brief Summary: Currently there are 26 teachers across three schools catering for 550 children. The teachers are currently paid a very small sum (with respect to their locality) and in some cases work without pay for several months. This has lead to very low retention rates, requiring new teachers to be recruited and trained continuously. This is not sustainable in the long run for HAORO and more importantly for the children. The horn of Africa foundation aims to support HAORO in facilitating teacher salary and training.

ii. Projected Start Time: 1st April 2015

iii. Project Timeframe: Continuous[/box]


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